When either Dave Richards or Jose Martín presents, the audience receives not only an entertaining and informative presentation, they typically take home a set or two of quality written materials.  It’s often difficult to completely cover a topic within the time constraints of a presentation, so our materials are written in narrative form to provide insight into areas that may not have been addressed in the presentation, or to provide full case citations or references to relevant statutes or regulations.

We take great pride in our materials, and have included a sampling for your review.


A sampling of our written workshop materials

Determining Eligibility Under Section 504: Fundamentals and New Challenge Areas 

Does the 504 Plan Need to Include THAT? Evaluation Data and Accommodation

FERPA: Confidentiality of Student Records

Understanding the “Blurred Line” Between “Specially Designed Instruction” &    

          Regular Education       



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Note that Jose & Dave can address a broad range of disability law topics, and can adapt existing materials or create new materials as needed to fit your audience and the goals of your event.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your upcoming event.

Other materials can be purchased from LRP.

Jose Martin and David Richards have published a variety of written materials as well as CDs and DVDs for LRP Publications on Section 504 and special education topics. Click here and search by last name to find materials authored by David Richards and Jose Martín.