Fall Southwest

Section 504 Conference


Why did you change the dates?

Austin now hosts a Formula 1 Race at the Circuit of the Americas. This year, a date change by racing officials resulted in an overlap with our Section 504 Conference, potentially inconveniencing our attendees as they travel to Austin. Following well-established CESD policy of never stepping in front of a speeding car (Formula 1, NASCAR or street-legal), we’ve moved our conference deeper into November.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the move, but believe the date change will be less disruptive than the conflict with the race.

What’s this about a Sunday afternoon Pre-Conference for educators new to Section 504?

We recognize that the two-day Section 504 Conference can sometimes be overwhelming for educators who are new to the law or their positions as  campus or district coordinators. To help get these folks up to speed, we are creating a half-day Pre-Conference with sessions presented by Dave Richards and Jose Martin. The guys will cover the history and purpose of Section 504, basic eligibility and impact of the ADAAA, the Section 504 process, nondiscrimination duties and provide insight for educators as they take the reigns of their campus or district 504 program. More details will follow.

We’re working on next year’s agenda so come back late in the spring for details!

For an idea of what we do, here are some of the topics we covered at our 2013 event:


  1. Can you help me understand OCR’s 2013 letter on extracurricular athletics and students with disabilities?

  1. I love the CESD 504 Forms, how are they changing in light of another year of OCR letters and guidance?

  1. Can you help me learn how to get the information I need from medical professionals?

  1. How do I document my campus’ or district’s compliance with Section 504 requirements?

  1. I hear that the ADAAA expanded eligibility for students, how does that impact my school’s efforts to identify and evaluate Section 504 students? 

  1. Can you help me understand the relationship between Section 504 and special education (IDEA)?

  1. I’m the Section 504 coordinator or contact for my campus or district, what should I be doing? What should I worry about?

  1. Can you show me some examples or case studies on how Section 504 works?   

  1. Can I see a demo of the digital version of the CESD Section 504 Forms created by Dave and Jose in partnership with SuccessEd?  

  1. How can I effectively address disability harassment on my campus or in my school district?  

  1. How can I help my staff improve interactions with parents on disability issues? 


Section 504 Conference Details


NEW DATES! Make plans now to join us for the 18th Annual Southwest Section 504 Conference, November 17-18, 2014 in Austin.

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We’ll provide each conference participant with a notebook packed with great info from all of the sessions. We’ve also scheduled Q&A at the end of each day, and there are many opportunities to ask questions and network.

Anything else I need to know?

What about the CESD Section 504 forms?

The forms are so popular that they now have their own webpage. You can access the CESD Section 504 Forms webpage by clicking here.