Welcome to the Council of Educators

for Students with Disabilities


Option 1:

Join us in Austin in 2014:

Texas Dyslexia Conference 

October 13-14, 2014.

Fall Section 504 Conference

November 17-18, 2014. With an

optional pre-conference for

folks new to Section 504 on the afternoon of November 16!


Two great options for quality disability law training for public schools...

Option 2: 

Invite Jose Martín and David Richards to create quality written materials and a customized training for your school, state or national conference.

Sorry....  Registration for the 2014 Fall Section 504 Conference is closed as we have reached our cap!

Any registration postmarked by October 21, 2014 or received by fax by October 21, 2014 will be accepted. All others will be returned.
No on-site registrations will be accepted.