2019 Texas Dyslexia Conference

This event is sold out! Registrations with purchase orders or checks postmarked later than September 27, 2019 will be returned. No on-site registrations will be accepted.

2019 Southwest Section 504 Conference

November 11-12, 2019 with an optional pre-conference for folks new to Section 504 on the afternoon of November 10!

Customized Disability Law Training

If you can't make it to Austin this Fall for a CESD event, have Dave Richards or Jose Martin provide training at your place!


What do we do? 

The primary role of the Council of Educators is to provide public educators with quality training events on disability law issues. Each fall, we hold a conference on Section 504 and a Dyslexia Conference addressing the Texas Dyslexia law. Both of these events are held in Austin, Texas. These are informative and fun conferences, with fabulous general sessions, interesting breakout sessions, lots of time for questions and answers, and a great opportunity to network with other educators. If you can't join us in Austin, we also provide customized training events for individual campuses, school districts or systems, and state departments of education.


What have you been missing? 

If you have never attended a CESD Conference, you’ve missed a lot. Speakers are chosen from attorneys and practitioners who know their stuff (and can entertain as well as inform). Each speaker is required to prepare written materials that are included in a notebook that each participant takes home. So, even if you don’t see all of the sessions, you have all of the materials. Folks tell us that they utilize the notebook throughout the year to help answer their questions