Section 504 Compliance Conference

Spring 2021 Edition

Welcome to the Dave & Jose’s Council of Educators for Students with Disabilities (CESD) website. We’re proud to host the recorded sessions for the Section 504 Compliance Conference: Spring 2021 Edition. All of the recorded sessions are found below. All of the live conference sessions are accessed from links in your Livebinder.


Feel free to watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and as often as you’d like over the next few weeks. The recorded sessions will be available until April 30, 2021 at midnight. The same password, printed in your LiveBinder is utilized for all recorded sessions.


In between sessions, feel free to browse the CESD website. Check out agenda for our 29th Annual Fall Southwest Section 504 Conference which we held last November. We explored Section 504 issues in far greater depth, and included sessions from practitioners as well as Dave & Jose. All of our events were provided virtually via the web.


In Fall 2021, if conditions permit,  we will present an in-person 504 Conference and a virtual conference. The two events will include the same speakers and topics. The in-person event will be held at our new conference home, the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas (just north of Austin).


Would you rather have Dave & Jose create a presentation just for your school, district, state or conference? We can do that.


Thanks for joining us and be sure to catch the live Q&A Sessions on Wednesday March 24 and Friday March 26.  We look forward to answering your questions.

Have a question for the Q&A? Two ways to submit it:

  1. Send it to us from the form below anytime before the last Q&A on March 24, 2021.     -OR-
  2. Utilize the Zoom Q&A feature during the Q&A.

All questions will be anonymous.

The best way to ensure an answer is to submit your question early, keep it brief, and don't make it so personal that it's of no interest to others. We want to get to as many questions as we possibly can during each session. Following these suggestions and submitting early improves the chances we'll get to your question. Questions not answered during the first Q&A will rollover for consideration in the second Q&A. Thanks for participating!

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Compliance Conference Recorded Sessions

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