Webinars & Live-Streaming Distance Learning

from Dave & Jose


We recognize that in changing times, the school's resources must be refocused. Business travel and large conference gatherings are on hold to keep us all safe, but new disability law questions and concerns are arising and must be addressed. Here's what we're doing to help.


Webinars from Dave & Jose. Exciting news! On April 16, 2020, CESD will hold its first live Webinar to address the impact of social distancing on FAPE under IDEA and Section 504. Click here to learn more and plan to join us for this timely training.


Watch this space! We're working to add more of our own in-house webinars on topics of interest. Have an idea for a topic for us to address? Call us at 512-219-5043 or email cesd@504idea.org with your thoughts.


Customized Distance Learning. Dave Richards & Jose Martín can create a distance learning inservice with written materials and a live-stream presentation designed to meet your unique needs. Whether your audience is new to Section 504 or IDEA or is fairly sophisticated, they can provide a training program to improve your knowledge and skills. Anyone you invite need only have access to any digital device (phone, tablet, computer), to participate wherever they are, in a web-based livestream with us. Virtually any topic covered in the conferences as well as many other other topics can be modified to fit your audience. Call us at 512-219-5043 or email cesd@504idea.org to discuss the details!