Register for Your Fall CESD Conferences

Can I register myself on this page?

Absolutely. Just add your information as an attendee to the registrations you are creating for the conference(s) you desire to attend.


Want to register multiple attendees at multiple events?

No problem. You can register multiple individuals for various events by adding each desired conference to your cart. Once a conference is in your cart, you can add as many folks as you would like by toggling the number of registrations in the cart's quantity button next to each chosen conference.
At checkout, you will need to enter registration information for each attendee, but can make a single payment regardless of the number of folks you are registering.


Where are the webinars?

Registration for our live and on demand webinars are handled separately through the webinar page itself.


Why can't I register for the Dyslexia or 504 Fall Conferences & PreConferences?  

We appreciate your excitement, but we're not ready for registrations this early.  Registration for those events will begin later in the year.  Add yourself to the email list to make sure you're one of the first to know when we've got our ducks in a row.