FAPE in the Time of COVID Social Distancing Webinar

School closures due to COVID-19 are raising serious and immediate legal questions with respect to students with disabilities. Veteran school attorney Jose Martin will address the USDOE and TEA guidance on the topic, including:

  • equal access to alternative remote educational activities
  • process requirements with respect to ARD committee action to implement alternate activities
  • options other than in-person ARD committee meetings, potential use of ARD amendment process
  • prior written notice requirements, attempting continuity of implementation of IEPs and 504 plans through alternate educational activities
  • related services issues, including the potential for teletherapy provision of some related services
  • the issue of timelines on pending initial evaluations and reevaluations
  • the need to address potential compensatory services obligations as schools resume regular operations.

In addition, the discussion will cover civil rights guidance on COVID school closures and alternate activities, FERPA implications involving COVID, and the feasibility of procedural and substantive compliance with IDEA and §504 requirements if school closures must persist on a longer term, suggested notices to parents of students with disabilities, and other emerging issues. Questions are encouraged.

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