Learn the Section 504 Basics

Links, Materials, Videos, and an Online Section 504 Compliance System for New Section 504 Coordinators & Designees

Are you a new Section 504 Coordinator or Campus Designee?

For over 25 years, we've been serving the compliance needs of public educators working with Section 504 students. We've seen the excitement that comes from a new assignment become desperation to understand the law.

We made this foundational series for you. Here are some introductory materials:

The Role of the Section 504 Coordinator

Developing and Implementing Compliance-Oriented Section 504 Programs.


The Fundamentals of Section 504 Eligibility

A solid guide to help identify Section 504 Eligibility for students.


What's in the Section 504 Foundation Video Series?

There's a lot to learn to get started in Section 504, so in addition to the links and documents provided here, we also offer access to training videos by Dave Richards and Jose Martin on a variety of basic 504 topics.

The following videos are included in the Series:

  1. The Role of the Section 504 Coordinator: Developing and Implementing Compliance-Oriented Section 504 Programs
  2. Comparison & Contrast: Section 504/ADA vs. IDEA
  3. An Overview of the Section 504 Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Process
  4. Section 504 Nondiscrimination in Extracurricular & NonAcademic Activities
  5. Does the 504 Plan Have to Include THAT? Using Data to Create the Plan
  6. Section 504 Behavior Management & Discipline

How much is it?

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Access all six videos for three weeks


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