Special Education Foundation Video Series

Special Education Foundation Video Series ($125)

Available for viewing on August 1, 2024

The series consists of two videos, each approximately 75 minutes in length. Click the play button in the middle of any of the series videos to start your purchase.  Enter your credit card information and complete your purchase.  You will receive an email with login instructions, and will be able to view any and all of the Section 504 Foundation Series videos as many times as you'd like for 21 days.

The transition of dyslexia services to special education brings changes in process, evaluation and services that may be unfamiliar to dyslexia evaluators and service providers more accustomed to Section 504. Created specifically for Texas dyslexia evaluators and service providers, this series can help you make the transition to dyslexia services under the IDEA umbrella. In this two-part series, veteran school attorney Jose Martin provides the foundation you need to continue to serve students with dyslexia.

Part I includes:

  • Overview of the special ed process
  • Acronyms you need to know
  • Child-find
  • Evaluation (FIIE)
  • Eligibility
  • ARD committee decision-making
  • IEP development
  • IEP contents
  • Annual IEP updating
  • Parent rights and safeguards

Part II includes:

  • Provider of Dyslexia Instruction (PDI) role in the IDEA initial evaluation (FIIE)
  • PDI participation in ARDs
  • Reviewing dyslexia assessment results
  • Partnering with assigned sp ed teacher
  • Drafting of IEP annual goals
  • Progress monitoring in collaboration with sp ed teacher
  • Troubleshooting
  • Options if lack of reading progress
  • Completing the SPDI program