Customized Live Online Section 504 & IDEA Training without Travel from Dave & Jose

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For most of their legal careers, Jose Martin and Dave Richards have travelled all over the country presenting on disability law topics to groups of public school educators.  These groups have been as small a handful of colleagues sitting around a table at a campus to 3,500 people in a packed ballroom for a statewide conference.  Regardless of the size of the audience or its location, the focus is on child-centered legal compliance.

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Understanding precedes compliance. You can’t comply with a law you don’t understand. Unfortunately, IDEA and Section 504 are not without vagaries and difficult concepts. Dave & Jose explain the law in simple, common-sense language, illustrated with frequent examples from real-world experiences. Rather than expanding on the law and its requirements from an academic perspective, they focus on the everyday implications of the legal framework, emphasizing compliance through awareness and planning. They supplement their presentations with detailed written materials that provide legal authority and additional explanation long after the presentation is over.


Every group of participants has unique training needs. There is no one-size-fits-all perfect IDEA or 504 training that meets the needs of every campus, region or state in the country. Just like services under the IDEA and 504, presentations (to be appropriate) must focus on unique needs and provide understanding in areas that matter to the presentation audience. Consequently, Dave and Jose will work closely with you to develop a training that covers the issues that matter to you and your audience. Further, when the size of the audience permits, Dave and Jose prefer to take questions from participants throughout presentations to establish an interactive format within which participants feel free to add their comments and thoughts to the presentation agenda. They create a truly individualized learning experience.

Examples? Want a small sampling of what we've created and the range of topics covered and audiences addressed? Go to either Dave Richards' or Jose Martin's page to see some representative presentations over the last few years.


Social Distancing complicates the traditional in-service. While the campus or school district in-service has been a training mainstay for years, with presenters traveling to central locations to meet a gathered audience, that pattern isn't possible in a time of social distancing. Safety requires us to make some changes to established patterns. Rather than gathering your employees and having Dave or Jose travel to join you, Dave & Jose can provide the training that you and your colleagues need on a varitey of live platforms. Your group doesn't have to be in one place.  Jose and Dave can stream the training live to you and your colleagues wherever you are, on any pc/mac, tablet or smartphone, providing the content you request together with live interactive questions and answers. As an added bonus, you save the cost of presenter travel!  Contact us at to discuss what Jose & Dave can do to help you and your public school, school district, state or national organization.