CESD Video Library


What do I need to access a video from the Library?

It's pretty simple.  Choose the video you are interested in (admittedly, that's pretty easy at this point as we're just starting this service), and click the play button in the middle of the screenshot to start your purchase.  Enter your credit card information and complete your purchase.  You will receive an email with login instructions, and will be able to view the purchased video as many times as you'd like during the next 72 hours. Some titles are also available in a Bundle or Series at a lower per video cost.

Any terms, conditions or other lawyerly stuff? Of course...

  • Payment is made by credit card only. No purchase orders, checks, or cash payments are permitted. Don’t even get us started about Bitcoin.
  • No cancellations or refunds will be made.  If you have technical trouble, give us a call at 512-219-5043 .
  • The videos are available for private noncommercial use by the purchaser and may not by copied, in whole or in part, nor shared or viewed with others.
  • The videos are not legal advice. The videos provides information about the law. Even though a lawyer (or two) may be presenting and discussing law, agency guidance and current issues, neither the videos nor the powerpoint presentation create an attorney-client relationship with any participant. For legal questions about a particular set of facts, talk to your school attorney.
  • Each video is subject to copyright, © 2020 Richards Lindsay & Martin, LLP.  All rights reserved.
Section 504 Foundation Right

Section 504 Foundation Series

View any title for three days at $65 each, or access all six videos in the Foundation Series for three weeks for $300. During our Conference Season from August through December, the Foundation Series is priced at $200 when purchased with a Dyslexia Conference or Section 504 Conference registration.

When you select the play button on any video you will be able to purchase the video selected ($65 for three days) or scroll down in the pop-up window to purchase the entire Foundation Series ($300 for 21 days). As soon as you make the purchase the time begins to run on your 3-day or 21-day window! Please plan accordingly.

View at No Cost