Section 504: The 2023 General Sessions

Section 504: The 2023 General Session Video Series ($175)

This series features 4 videos, each approximately 75 minutes long.

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Still Waiting on the New Proposed Section 504 Regulations

Session Description:

Despite remaining unchanged since the 1970s, new Section 504 regulations are on the horizon. Though delayed, these changes are imminent. In this engaging session, we will:

  • Current Compliance: Clarify our current status with Section 504 compliance.
  • Potential Changes: Discuss likely updates and the forces shaping them.
  • Historical Context: Draw lessons from the original regulations.
  • Advocacy Proposals: Examine suggestions from parent and disability advocacy groups.
  • Legal Perspectives: Consider changes desired by school attorneys.
  • Informal Rules: Address the impact of 46 years of OCR guidance, including parental consent issues.

Join us to prepare for the upcoming regulatory changes.

Section 504 Update: What’s Happening While Feds Work on 504 Regulations

Session Description:

Although the USDOE missed its August 2023 deadline for proposed regulations, Section 504 issues continue to evolve. This session covers:

  • Recent Court Cases & OCR Decisions: Insights on child-find issues, §504 vs. IDEA eligibility, and parent allegations of unidentified disabilities.
  • Key Topics: Money damages for child-find violations, extracurricular activities, service dog cases, discipline cases, a risky diabetes situation, and tech accessibility in virtual programs.
  • Compliance Strategies: How §504 plans can protect districts in IDEA challenges.

Stay informed on the latest legal developments and compliance strategies.

Manifestation Determination Reviews Under §504: Data, Documentation, Process, Cases, Scenarios

Session Description:

Addressing disciplinary removals for students with disabilities involves understanding the Manifestation Determination Review (MDR) process. This session covers:

  • MDR Fundamentals: From origins to real-life application for §504 and IDEA students.
  • Data Collection & Review: Ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  • Modern MDR Standards: Borrowed from IDEA.
  • Impact of 504 Plans: Addressing inappropriate plans.
  • Committee Membership & Documentation: Ensuring proper procedures and reasoning.
  • Step-Based Disciplinary Process: Proposed methods for handling disciplinary actions.
  • Exceptions & Practical Guidance: Including the drug-alcohol limited exception.
  • Case Law & Scenarios: Do’s and don’ts, impulsivity claims, and practical examples.

Gain insights and strategies for effective MDR implementation.

Happy Birthday! 50 Years of Section 504

Session Description:

Join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973! This engaging session will explore:

  • Civil Rights Protection: How Section 504 safeguards students with disabilities.
  • Relationship with ADA and IDEA: Understanding the connections.
  • Historical Milestones: Reviewing significant achievements over the past fifty years.
  • Future Outlook: Anticipating changes and advancements for students with disabilities.

Reflect on the past and look forward to the future of disability rights and education.