CESD's Privacy Policy for 504idea.org

At CESD, our goal is to be a trusted provider of disability law information for public educators. Part of establishing and maintaining that trust is showing appropriate respect for your personal information.  We recognize that sharing personal information is discomforting. We will only ask for what is necessary to properly address your needs as a website visitor or attendee registering and participating in one of our CESD Conferences.


Personal Information.


Personal information includes your name, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, billing and payment information, click-through activity and any other personally identifiable information you may provide on the website. If we ask you for personal information, gather information about you as a visitor to the website, if you add yourself to our email list, or register for one of our events, we appreciate your trust and will protect your information as described in this Policy. 504idea.org will not otherwise use or disclose your personal information without your consent except (i) as described in this privacy policy, or (ii) as required by law to be disclosed. This Privacy Policy is intended to explain how CESD will utilize personal information we gather at 504idea.org.


Website Visitor Data.


We count, track and aggregate website visitor activity on 504idea.org to understand how visitors find us, what pages of our website they are interested in and how much time they spend with us.  Since we don’t sell advertisement space or links, this information is gathered and utilized for our own internal use.


Conference & Webinar Registrants & Video Purchasers.


We collect personal information of those who register to attend our Conferences and Webinars, and those who purchase videos. We utilize this information to facilitate attendance and communication of details and changes. We utilize email addresses of Conference attendees to track attendee login and logout times on our virtual Conference Ballroom video pages to document attendance requirements to support continuing education credits from professional licensing boards (such as ALTA). Although the information is collected by CESD, CESD will not disclose your login and logout tracking information with your professional organization or any other person or entity without your written consent.


Email Addresses & Advertising.


An individual’s registration for one of our Conferences, Webinars or purchase of video training constitutes consent to be added to future CESD correspondence via email (see below) or the postal service.

We also collect the email addresses of those who sign up to receive our emails. Our use of Constant Contact for email advertising requires that, after signing up for the email list on the website, individuals verify their intent to join the list by responding to an auto-generated message from Constant Contact.  CESD will not access an email address without the required verification occurs. Members of our email list are able to remove themselves from our email list at any time utilizing a link found at the bottom of every CESD email advertisement we send.


Conference Surveys.


We are always interested in what our attendees have to say about our events and services. When we gather that information via 504idea.org, the individual surveys are compiled and used to plan future events. Personal information from an attendee’s completed survey is not shared with anyone outside of CESD.   While quotations from individual attendees may be utilized for advertising purposes, quotes will not be attributed to any individual without their express written consent.


What about CESD's relationship with Frontline Education (formerly SuccessEd)?


We may share your personal information with companies that perform services on our behalf, for example, companies that help process credit card payments or who provide specific services on our behalf. Through its partnership with Richards Lindsay & Martin, L.L.P., Frontline Education (formerly SuccessEd) provides public schools with access to a cloud-based digital Section 504 compliance platform based on the paid, licensed use of the CESD Section 504 Forms and Compliance Process. 504idea.org does not share either its mailing list or email list with Frontline Education.  However, attendee names, job title/position and employing entity LEA or SEA (without additional contact information) will be shared with Frontline prior to CESD Conferences.

504idea.org may also serve as the hosting platform for virtual conferences organized by Frontline Education. The personal information of website visitors gathered by 504idea.org before, during, and after shared events with Frontline will not be shared with Frontline. Cumulative statistics such as total hours of streaming media used during hosted events and total number of recorded views for a given recording may be shared with Frontline without the disclosure of personal information. CESD does not consider attendees at Frontline events as attendees of a CESD Conference and Frontline event attendees will not be added to 504idea.org’s emailing list unless the Constant Contact subscription process (described above) is followed.


This Policy was updated on April 4, 2021.


But I still have a question…

For questions about the 504idea.org privacy policy or our use of personal information, please contact us at cesd@504idea.org