Section 504 Advanced Video Series

Section 504 Advanced Video Series ($175)

Adapt to the new dyslexia services under the IDEA umbrella with this 4-video series, each approximately 60 minutes long. Designed for Texas public educators, these videos cover changes in processes, evaluations, and services.

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Section 504 Issues Involving Students with Attendance Problems

Session Description:

With more students facing mental health challenges affecting school attendance, this session offers valuable insights for educators. Topics include:

  • Child-Find and 504 Plans: Understanding the educational implications for students with attendance issues.
  • Section 504 Eligibility: Addressing mental health issues in students who can pass their classes.
  • Attendance Solutions: Strategies for dealing with truancy, accommodations, behavioral interventions, and counseling services.
  • Parental Support: Assisting parents struggling to get their kids to school.
  • Texas Laws: Navigating outpatient treatment and attendance laws.

Recent cases will illustrate these legal concepts.

Substantial Limitation: A Section 504 Eligibility Deep-Dive

Session Description:

Despite being one of the most confusing aspects of Section 504's eligibility criteria, substantial limitation guidance from the USDOE has been limited. In this session, we will:

  • Examine OCR Statements: Review the few available statements from the Office for Civil Rights.
  • Explore EEOC Work: Look at ADA substantial limitation guidelines by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Review ADAAA Changes: Discuss the 2008 ADA Amendments Act, including the lower standard for substantial limitation and the mitigating measures rule.
  • Tackle Complex Issues: Address episodic and temporary impairments and related topics.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of this critical requirement.

Other §504 Danger Areas: Disability Harassment and Retaliation Claims

Session Description:

Compliance with Section 504 extends beyond providing FAPE through 504 Plans. This session focuses on the district's responsibility to promptly investigate and address harassment of students with disabilities. Failure to respond can lead to serious consequences, including federal court actions for damages.

Key topics include:

  • Legal Requirements: Understanding obligations to address disability-based harassment.
  • Recent Cases: Reviewing recent court cases to illustrate dispute resolution.
  • Retaliation Claims: Exploring legal analysis and recent cases on retaliation against disability advocacy activities.

Learn how to navigate these complex issues and ensure compliance.

The Physical or Mental Impairment & the Major Life Activity: A Section 504 Eligibility Deep-Dive

Session Description:

This session delves into the impact of disability on educational opportunity under Section 504. We will explore:

  • Equal Opportunity: Assessing if students with ADHD or depression have the same opportunities as their nondisabled peers.
  • Eligibility Determination: Discussing the 504 Committee's role in evaluating physical or mental impairments, using doctors’ diagnoses and medical data.
  • Screening Process: Identifying non-disability reasons for student struggles.
  • Historical Exceptions: Understanding impairments that typically qualify, including those in remission.

Join us for an engaging discussion on the complexities of Section 504 eligibility.