2020 CESD Dyslexia Conference

Join us in Austin for our 19th Annual Texas Dyslexia Conference on October 12-13, 2020!

We're reviewing the 2019 conference evaluations and as we interact with educators around the state we'll be making note of dyslexia issues and questions to address in the 2020 Conference.  We'll post an agenda in late July 2020 on this page.  By the way, we've sold out this event for three years in a row, make your plans to attend now!


Until then, here's what we did at the 2019 Dyslexia Conference. We covered the issues that mattered to you and the students  you serve.

  • The big changes in the new Dyslexia Handbook (Orange Book) with respect to screening, dysgraphia  
  • When should the school refer the student for an FIE under IDEA rather than a Section 504 evaluation?  How does special education identify dyslexia in the context of the FIE?
  • What is Standard Protocol Dyslexia Instruction (SPDI) and what if SPDI is not enough to address the student's dyslexia related needs? What can specially designed instruction under special education add for an eligible student?

And we added two new twists:

  • **Dyslexia Case Studies: Beyond the Scores. A special by-reservation-only session on evaluation data with guided small group interaction looking past the numbers to make good evaluation decisions.  This small group intereactive discussion was a hit. Watch for similar innovativee approaches in 2020!
  • We added a half-day Pre-Conference for folks wanting basic information on dyslexia in Texas and federal disability law Child Find requirements.

in 2020, you don’t want to miss out on the answers to your pressing dyslexia questions... AND you’ll get a notebook with great info from all of the sessions, Q&A at the end of each day and opportunities to ask questions and network.

Last Year's Agenda

18th Annual Texas Dyslexia Conference

October 14-15, 2019

Monday, October 14, 2019

7:00- 8:00   **Breakfast with Dyslexia Case Studies: Beyond the Scores—Teresa Ringlein, former Coordinator for Special Services, Alief ISD, Gabriela Gardner, Dyslexia Specialist, Alief ISD, Mikaela McCusker, Dyslexia Specialist, Alief ISD.  BY RESERVATION ONLY, SEE ABOVE.

7:30   Registration. Continental Breakfast Provided

8:30  General Session 1:  A Legal Stroll Through the New Dyslexia Handbook— Dave Richards , Attorney at Law, Richards Lindsay & Martín, LLP.

9:45   Break / Announcements and Door Prizes

10:15  General Session 2:  Dysgraphia is More than Messy Handwriting—Brenda Taylor, 

11:30 Lunch on your own

1:00  Concurrent Sessions A (60 minutes, repeated at 2:15) 

(A1)   Hot Topics in Dyslexia— Melanie Royal, State Dyslexia Coordinator, ESC X

(A2)  Preserving Independence While Serving the Student with Dyslexia—Nancy Disterlic, Dyslexia & Child Find Consultant, ESC X.

(A3) Tech Tools I: Helping Your Students with Dyslexia to Succeed—Nancy Watson, Digital Learning Consultant, ESC X.

(A4)  **Dyslexia Case Studies: Beyond the Scores.  BY RESERVATION ONLY, SEE ABOVE

2:00   Break

2:15   Sessions A (repeated from 1:00) 

3:15   Break

3:30   Q & A Session with Monday speakers

4:00   Adjourn for the day.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

7:00- 8:00   **Breakfast with Dyslexia Case Studies: Beyond the Scores.   BY RESERVATION ONLY, SEE ABOVE. 

7:30  Continental Breakfast Provided

8:30  Concurrent Sessions B (75 minutes, repeated at 10:00) 

(B1) Adapting SPDI to Specially Designed Instruction for IDEA Students with Dyslexia—Jan Cook, Dyslexia Specialist, ESC IV, Kara Zwolinski, Education Specialist, Sepcial Education Solutions, ESC IV. 

(B2) Seek and Find Within the Special Education Evaluation for the Identifying Characteristics of Dyslexia—Brenda Taylor.

(B3) A New Chapter For Dysgraphia—Lisa Plemons, M.Ed., Former Dyslexia Specialist, ESC XII, Janeia Vorderkunz, Education Specialist, ESC XII.

(B4) The Intersection of Reading Theories—Pat Sekel, Ph.D., CALT, QI, TLDT.

 9:45   Break 

10:00  Sessions B (repeated from 8:30) 

11:15  Hotel Checkout and Lunch on your own

1:00   Concurrent Sessions C (60 minutes, repeated at 2:15)

(C1)  Handwriting is the Glue—Pat Sekel, Ph.D., CALT, QI, TLDT.

(C2) Stealth Dyslexia—Paula Tilker, Dyslexia, 504 & Reading Consultant, ESC IX

(C3) Tech Tools II: Helping Your Students with Dyslexia to Succeed.

(C4) **Dyslexia Case Studies: Beyond the Scores. BY RESERVATION ONLY, SEE ABOVE  

2:00   Break

2:15   Sessions C (repeated from 1:00)

3:30   Q & A Session and Final Door Prizes

4:00   Conference Adjourns