25th Annual Fall Southwest Section 504 Conference (Hybrid Style)

November 15-16, 2021
November 15-16, 2021
Nov. 22- Dec. 14, 2021
Nov. 22- Dec. 14, 2021

For Fall 2021, we've prepared an in-person option at our new Conference Home if you are ready to mask up and travel...

Having outgrown our old home, we've moved to the Kalahari Resorts in Round Rock (just north of Austin). Attendees will enjoy significantly more elbow room, a variety of choices for in-hotel dining, more guest rooms available at the Conference Rate... and admission to the largest indoor waterpark in the United States for registered hotel guests.  We'll be practicing safe conferencing with masks required of all attendees.

...And an option if you don't want to travel or don't feel safe doing so.

A week after the in-person conference, we'll begin the virtual conference. Registrants will be able to see all of the sessions via pre-recorded video except the two Q&A's with Dave and Jose. Two Q&A's will be scheduled during the conference window dedicated to live questions from virtual conference attendees.

Among the benefits of a virtual conference is the ability for an attendee to see every session and do so at a convenient time during our conference window. Beginning on November 22, 2021, registered attendees will be able to stream sessions in any order they wish, as many times as they wish, during the following three weeks until the virtual conference concludes on December 14, 2021.

Will I have to lug around that heavy conference notebook? Do Virtual Attendees get access to materials?

The bulky notebooks are gone. Attendees at both the in-person Conference and Virtual Conference will get all that conference content you love ( PowerPoint slides, links, and other resources) with a single PDF that you can download and follow during the conference on your electronic device. If you'd rather have it on paper, you can print any or all of the materials, make your notes on them, and still have a PDF to print a clean copy if you'd like. The notebook will be available for registered attendees to download from Dropbox or Google Drive during the week preceding the in-person conference.

What happened to the Pre-Conference for folks new to Section 504?

CESD's Section 504 Pre-Conference was a very well-attended add-on for folks new to Section 504 and those who wanted to brush up on the basics. After looking at the complexity of the topics we typically cover at the conference, we decided a couple of pre-conference sessions were insufficient to provide the foundation necessary to fully enjoy the Fall Conference.  We've replaced that optional half day with the Section 504 Foundation Series, a six video collection with Dave and Jose covering the 504 basics.

The following videos are included:

  1. The Role of the Section 504 Coordinator: Developing and Implementing Compliance-Oriented Section 504 Programs
  2. Comparison & Contrast: Section 504/ADA vs. IDEA
  3. An Overview of the Section 504 Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Process
  4. Section 504 Nondiscrimination in Extracurricular & NonAcademic Activities
  5. Does the 504 Plan Have to Include THAT? Using Data to Create the Plan
  6. Section 504 Behavior Management & Discipline

Purchase of the Foundation Series allows the individual registered to access each of the videos of often as she'd like, as many times as she'd like, for three weeks beginning with the first use of the email-provided login.

Section 504 Foundation Right

Foundation Series at a Special Conference Price

The bundle price of $300 is reduced to $180 during our Texas Dyslexia Conference and Fall Section 504 Conference when purchased together with a conference registration for either event. The discount is added in your Conference Registration Cart.  Get the Series for every member of your team! 

 Any Dyslexia or Section 504 registration will allow the purchase of the Foundation Series for as many of your colleagues as you'd like at the special rate. Just make sure you have their email addresses and cell phone numbers to complete the registration process.

Discover Practical 504-4

2021 Section 504 Conference Agenda

In person: Nov. 15-16, 2021   Virtual: Nov. 22-December 14, 2021

  • Section 504 General Sessions (75 minutes each)


    2021 Session Topics will be announced here!

  • Section 504 Live Q&A


    In-Person: Live Q&A with conference faculty on November 15 and 16, 2021.

    Virtual Conference: Two live-streamed Q&A events will be announced during the virtual conference window. 

  • Section 504 Breakout Sessions (60 minutes each)


    2021 Session Topics will be announced here!