2020 Section 504 Conference


24th Annual Southwest Section 504 Conference, November 16-17, 2020.


We'll only be gathering virtually this year...

Despite our best efforts and those of our long-time friends at the Austin Doubletree, we are unable to provide live conferences this year that will accommodate our growing number of attendees while ensuring their safety and that of speakers and staff. All of our fall events will only be available virtually.


While we will miss seeing each of you, we're working on not only providing an exceptional faculty and must-see sessions, we are also exploring ways in which we can increase interaction between attendees and speakers. Stay tuned for more details as we put those ideas to work.


Among the benefits of a virtual conference is the ability for an attendee to see every session and do so at a convenient time during our conference window. Beginning on the date of each conference, registered attendees will be able to stream sessions in any order they wish, as many times as they wish, during the following three weeks. The only exceptions will be the two live Q&A's with speakers and a few other surprises built into the two scheduled conference days.


We're reviewing the 2019 conference evaluations and as we interact with educators around the country we'll be making note of Section 504 issues and questions to address in the 2020 Conference.  Jose and Dave spend much of the year presenting on Section 504 and IDEA issues at schools and conferences throughout the United State. That exposure, plus great input from conference attendees, allows CESD to address the questions that you are currently struggling with, together with those questions and issues you'll likely be facing soon.


We'll post an agenda in late July 2020 on this page.  Until then, here's what we did at the 2019 Fall Southwest Section 504 Conference. We covered the issues that mattered to you and the students  you serve.


At the 2019 Southwest Section 504 Conference we distributed the last paper edition of the CESD Section 504 Forms and Procedures, looked at new decisions, trends and concerns that you need to understand as you do the good work of Section 504.

Here's a sampling of what was covered:

  • The latest on trending issues like immunizations, medical marijuana & CBD oil, & homebound
  • Tips on referral of Texas 504 dyslexia students to special education
  • Two sessions of Section 504 "Show & Tell" demonstrating how 504 meetings work
  • Tips on how to write better 504 Service Plans
  • A new form for 504 pre-k evaluation and services
  • And we welcomed a new group of educators into Section 504 with our Pre-Conference designed to provide a headstart on Section 504 FAPE and nondiscrimination for those new to 504 responsibilities.

As always, attendees received a great notebook with all of the conference materials, the final printed version of the CESD Section 504 Forms, and lots of opportunities for interaction with speakers and other educators.  

Last Year's Conference Agenda

23rd Annual Fall Southwest Section 504 Conference

November 10-12, 2019

Monday, November 11, 2019   

7:30  Registration. Continental Breakfast Provided

8:30  General Session: A Final Stroll Through CESD's §504 Forms—Dave Richards, Attorney at Law

9:45  Break / Announcements and Door Prizes

10:15  General Session: Section 504 Caselaw Update: What Can We Learn from New OCR Letters and Court Cases? —Jose Martín, Attorney at Law

11:30  Lunch on your own

1:00  Concurrent Sessions A (60 minutes, repeated at 2:15) 

(A1) NonDiscrimination in Policies, Practices & Procedures —Dave Richards

(A2) More Ideas on Writing Section 504 Services Plans —Jose Martin

(A3)  Section 504 Show & Tell I—Debbie Gauntt,  Director of Intervention Services, Coppell Independent School District

(A4) "Oh the Things I've Seen" Lessons from the 504 Trenches—Jerry Klekotta, retired Special Education Director and Education Consultant 

2:00   Break

2:15   Concurrent Sessions A (repeated from 1:00)   

3:15   Break

3:30   Q & A Session with Monday speakers

4:00   Adjourn for the day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

7:30  Continental Breakfast Provided

8:30: General Session:  Disability Harassment & Money Damages Lawsuits Under Section 504 —Jose Martín

9:45  Break 

10:00  General Session: Section 504 Advanced Issues —Dave Richards 

11:15  Hotel Checkout and Lunch on your own

1:00   Concurrent Sessions B (60 minutes, repeated at 2:15)

(B1)  The Section 504 Rights of Students with IEPs —Dave Richards  

(B2)  Texas Dyslexia Program Referrals from 504 to Special Ed: A Data Based Approach —Jose Martín 

(B3) Section 504 Show & Tell II—Debbie Gaunt

2:00  Break

2:15  Concurrent Sessions B (repeated from 1:00)   

3:30  Q & A Session and Final Door Prizes

4:00   Conference Adjourns